Seashore Ecology of New Zealand and the Pacific

Morton, John


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This huge book is from one of New Zealand’s most respected scientists, Professor John Morton, and is the culmination of a life’s work. Professor Morton and Dr Bruce Hayward (scientific editor) have painstakingly documented and described New Zealand’s sea shore, and extended this commentary to include major coastal environments in the Pacific. This book is destined to become a classic of New Zealand science and be taken up as a vital text for all undergraduate study in this subject. With nearly 500 pages and over 300 diagrams and illustrations, it is the definitive guide to the environments, flora and fauna of our unique and varied coast. The book is about the animal and plant communities set up where the margins of islands and continents slope into the sea. The primary story – to be told in greater detail – is concerned with the intertidal zone, the narrow belt over which the interface of land and sea regularly shifts back and forth, in most parts of the world twice daily, First New Zealand shores are systematically described in their regional detail, with the addition of material from 25 years’ investigation, particularly in the subtidal zone.
Then with a broader brush follows a comparative account of the equivalent hard shores, with their biogeography, around the entire Pacific Rim. The final chapter culminates with an account of the coral shores of the tropical Pacific, based first on the atoll of Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, easily reached from New Zealand and still – for the present at least – unspoiled.

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