In-store Returns

We are happy to accept returns for exchange within 30 days of purchase with proof of purchase and provided they are in saleable condition. All returns will be either exchanged for in store goods or refunded by store credit in the form of a Scorpio Books Voucher. Cash refunds will only be given on defective goods.

Returns for Online Orders

All Returns for online orders are subject to the “In-store Returns” conditions above. Please contact the store before returning anything by post. This can be done using our contact us form or by phoning us on 03 379 2882.

Cancellations of Online Orders

If an order cancellation is required, the customer should contact us immediately by phone. Order amount can be refunded with store credit in the form of a Scorpio Books Voucher provided goods have not already been shipped.

Yes, we sell Scorpio online vouchers or Scorpio in-store vouchers. We also sell Bookseller tokens.

Online vouchers are emailed to the recipient and used for payment on our website. Free shipping in New Zealand for online orders. These vouchers do not expire.

In-store vouchers are physical vouchers, printed on luscious gift card and must be redeemed in-store. These vouchers can be purchased online – select ‘Free Shipping in New Zealand’ and the voucher will be posted to the recipient. These vouchers do not expire and are valid at both Scorpio Books and Telling Tales: Scorpio Children’s Books.

No. Never. End of story.

Yes we do, subject to the terms on the voucher.

Scorpio Books

Five Lanes at the BNZ Centre
120 Hereford Street
Christchurch CBD 8011
Phone: (03) 379 2882

Telling Tales: Scorpio Children’s Books

Five Lanes at the BNZ Centre
101-111 Cashel Street
Christchurch CBD 8011
Phone: (03) 741 3309

  • Customers receive a stamp per $20 increment of their full-priced purchase. We always round down, never up – for example, if a sale comes to $38, the customer receives one stamp. A sale of $50 would get two stamps.
  • If a purchase would be rounded up if paid for with cash, i.e. $39.99, then two stamps will be given, regardless of payment method.)
  • If a customer collects 10 stamps within a year of the first stamp, the loyalty card becomes a $20 voucher that can be redeemed in the next purchase or at a later date. As with our in-store and online gift vouchers, these loyalty vouchers don’t expire.
  • Cards are the customer’s responsibility to keep safe. They are not tracked or numbered, or kept in-store.
  • Gift vouchers (both Scorpio Vouchers and Bookseller tokens): Stamps are given for the purchase of a voucher, but not for the redeeming of a voucher. (Otherwise we’re giving away double the discount.) If a partial payment is made with a voucher, the balance once the voucher has been redeemed is eligible for a stamp. E.g., $70 total purchase, $20 voucher redeemed – the remaining $50 will earn 2 stamps.
  • At this stage, loyalty cards are only stamped for purchases that are made in store (i.e. not web orders). We provide extra service for our online customers by offering free shipping in Canterbury ($4 rural surcharge), and all NZ orders over $100.
  • Annual sale items are already discounted, so are not eligible for stamps.
  • When redeeming a $20 loyalty discount, the total value must be used all at once. Change will not be given. E.g. if a $20 loyalty voucher is used to purchase a $17 dollar book, the remaining $3 will not be given as change.
  • Loyalty cards may be combined as long as they are all within one year of issue.
  • Stamps for Laybys are awarded once the layby purchase has been fully paid off.
  • Loyalty cards are only eligible for stamps at the time of purchase. Even with a receipt, stamps cannot be backdated, as it is impossible for us to know if stamps were already issued at the time.
  • We endeavour to remind customers of the loyalty card at every point of sale if the purchase is eligible for stamps, but it is also the customer’s responsibility to provide their loyalty card for stamping.
  • Customers can use the same loyalty card across our three stores: Scorpio Books; Telling Tales; and Scorpio Books Next Door.

We have worked hard to develop a loyalty card program that rewards loyal customers while remaining sustainable for our business. Please be kind and respectful of our staff. If there is a special circumstance that you would like to discuss further, please email enquiry@scorpiobooks.co.nz and one of our managers will respond.