In a Place of Darkness

MacBride, Stuart


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1 in stock

The haunting and darkly entertaining new novel from the number one Sunday Times bestselling author and ‘one of this country’s finest crime writers’ (Daily Mail).

The time is coming when all your lies will be washed away…

No one knew Dr Sarah Fordyce was missing, until her husband’s mutilated body is discovered in the family home, with a note nailed to his forehead- \”DON’T BELIEVE THEIR LIES!!!\” Two weeks later, a city councillor disappears, and his murdered wife is found with the same words. Two weeks after that, it’s a prominent local journalist who’s vanished – his husband’s corpse left as a twisted message board – and the \”Devil’s Messenger\” is the topic of daily headlines.

Angus McVicar has only just made detective constable, and when he’s assigned to the Major Inquiry Team hunting Oldcastle’s newest serial killer it should be the perfect opportunity to prove himself. Only instead of being out on the front line, breaking the case, he’s saddled with babysitting the forensic psychologist from hell – who’s determined to drag him into a festering swamp of lies, delusions, and conspiracy theories.

It’s been twelve days since the Devil’s Messenger last struck, and Angus is running out of time. But he’s heading into darkness, and there are monsters lurking there…

Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Imprint: Bantam Transworld
Publication date: 18/06/2024

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