New God

Dyer, Menilik Henry


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Humanity is divided between those who have chosen a simulated existence and those seeking life among the stars in this far-future science-fiction adventure.

The Beta Explorers have succeeded in their mission of terraforming planets to establish human colonies across the galaxy. But as the inhabitants of these new worlds come of age to govern themselves, their ambition plateaus and stagnates. Instead of continuing to pursue scientific advancement and space travel in the physical Betaverse, many prefer the simulated environment of the Metaverse, where they can live innumerable immortal lives, free from illness and harm.

Separated from her fellow Betas, who individually transformed one world at a time, Angelique Komene cloned herself and produced hundreds of habitable planets. Through her clones, the Ange Angels, she has guided billions to create democratic societies. But when her people start embracing the Metaverse, one colony after another, the clones make a startling discovery: a virus code-designed to influence the humans under their care to reject science in reality-was uploaded into the Betas’ simulated minds before their terraforming mission even began, presumably the work of the authoritarian government, which outlawed space exploration to keep humanity contained in the Metaverse.

Now, it is up to Angelique and the Betas to implement an antivirus to purge the contagion and reclaim their autonomy from Earth once and for all. But what if the virus did not originate on Earth after all? It seems an alien civilization has been spreading its own colonies across the universe. And if humans do not return to their home planet, the aliens may destroy the entire race . . .

The second volume of the hit science-fiction adventure series-originally released on Royal Road and perfect for fans of Bobiverse and Children of Time-now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Audible!

Format: Paperback
Pages: 348
Imprint: Small US Publisher
Publication date: 05/03/2024
Series: The Betaverse v2