Land of Milk and Honey

Zhang, C Pam


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A rapturous novel about a young chef whose discovery of pleasure alters her life and, indirectly, the world


A smog has spread. Food crops are disappearing. A chef escapes her career in London to take a job at a decadent, mountaintop colony seemingly free of the world’s troubles.

There, the sky is clear again. Rare ingredients abound. Her enigmatic employer and his visionary daughter have built a lush new life for the global elite, one that reawakens the chef to the pleasures of taste, touch, and her own body.

In this atmosphere of hidden wonders and cool, seductive violence, the chef’s boundaries undergo a thrilling erosion. Soon she is pushed to the center of a startling attempt to reshape the world far beyond the plate.

Sensuous and surprising, joyous and bitingly sharp, told in alluring language, Land of Milk and Honey is a delicious, striking and sensual novel about food, sex and the intricacies of desire and longing.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Imprint: Hutchinson Heinemann
Publication date: 28/09/2023

Staff review

Land of Milk and Honey
by C Pam Zhang
Review by Ray
Told in divine, juicy prose, this horrifying and intensely imagined near-future story had me totally gripped. Every page is laden with rich, sometimes grotesque, delicious language, but the story still barrels forward at pace, exploring big issues of power and control, wealth and politics, environment and climate, with complexity and nuance. Appetizing, sickening, sexy, audacious, this is an incredible read.

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