Asterix Omnibus 12 (Asterix and the Picts, Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday, Asterix and the Missing Scroll)

Goscinny, Rene/ Uderzo, Albert/ Ferri, Jean-Yves


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1 in stock

In Asterix and the Picts Asterix and Obelix rescue a mysterious Pict named MacAroon and must journey to Caledonia, now Scotland, to return him to his lady love. However, the treacherous chieftain, MacCabeus, plans to marry her and claim the throne – with the help of the Romans!

In Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday, the pair celebrate their 50th birthday with adventures around the world and well-wishes from friends including Edifis, Panacea and the pirates.

In Asterix and the Missing Scroll, Caesar has finished writing the history of his campaigns in Gaul but his version of events don’t seem quite right. Can the Gauls make sure the truth is revealed in time?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 152
Imprint: Orion Children’s Books
Publication date: 07/11/2019
Illustrator: Uderzo, Albert/ Conrad, Didier
Series: Asterix

ISBN: 9781510107236 Category: