Asterix and the Secret Weapon

Uderzo, Albert


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A woman bard is unheard-of in Ancient Gaul – but when the mothers in Asterix and Obelix’s little village decide that besides being a terrible musician Cacofonix, the local bard and school-teacher, is not educating their children properly, it’s Bravura they call in. The men of the village are horrified at first, but Bravura proves a useful ally in countering Julius Caesar’s secret weapon – the Roman leader has sent in a troop of female legionaries, relying on the chivalrous Gauls not to fight women. But Bravura has no such scruples, and together with Asterix thinks up a good idea. Even Cacofonix’s music comes into its own …

Format: Paperback
Pages: 48
Imprint: Orion UK/Hachette
Publication date: 21/03/2002
Illustrator: Uderzo, Albert
Series: Asterix 29

ISBN: 9780752847771 Category: