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Book Review: James

The tender – and revelatory – nature of the pair’s relationship is just one of this incredible novel’s many expertly evoked complexities.

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Book Review: Wandering Stars

More impressionistic than ‘There, There’, this sophomore novel resists the pressure to repeat a winning formula – a pressure to which many breakout novelists succumb.

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Book Review: Martyr!

Cyrus is such a lovable character, even in the throes of his addiction, his view of the world and all it contains is a delight for the reader.

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Book Review: Butter

Despite the mouth-watering recipes, ironically the main feeling following the characters is one of hunger – for connection, trust, and acceptance.

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Book Review: Tremor

Tremor is a genre-bending gem that transcends traditional boundaries, dancing between fiction and non-fiction, storytelling and academia.

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