Staff Review: Glorious Exploits

An absolutely rip-roaring tale full of laughter, joy, tragedy, and at its centre, two drunken potters fumbling their way through it all.

Staff Review: Feather

The Twitcher’s are on the trail of thieves who stole priceless and precious birds from the Natural History Museum.

Staff Review: Ukraine 22

An incredibly important collection of poignant essays which translate individual experiences within unimaginable circumstances.

Staff Review: Stolen Focus

The breadth of this book is so vast that it would seem impossible to condense it to just under 300 pages, yet somehow Hari does it.

Staff Review: Stay True

An often frantic, regularly profound, and deeply heartbreaking coming of age memoir focuses on Hua and his friendship with Ken.

Staff Review: Treasure in the Lake

Sam & Iris discover an abandoned town with a ghostly presence – but can they solve it’s mystery before history repeats? Totally engrossing!

Staff Review: Day

The characters worked their way right under my skin, and I happily moved through the quiet moments of their days, noticing small changes

Staff Review: Bad Fat Black Girl

Written by the pioneer of the newly-coined ‘trap feminism’, Sesali Bowen, this book tells her lived experience as a fat, black, queer women.

Staff Review: Feral

Feral gives the layman like me the tools to better understand our screwed-up systems and how to solve them.