Book Review: Icebreaker

by Hannah Grace
Review by Josh

A surprisingly sweet but nonetheless spicy story centered around figure skater Anastasia and her enemy turned lover, the hockey team captain Nathan. When one of the two university ice rinks is put out of commission, they’re forced to share time together and organise around one another’s schedules, which can only lead to one thing: Romance.

The two hit it off relativity fast but Anastasia’s fear of commitment and Nathan’s need to be a hero mean it isn’t all smooth skating for the pair. I was pleasantly surprised however that their relationship, while the main focus of the book, isn’t the central point of conflict. That is instead saved for Aaron, Anastasia’s figure skating partner. Aaron is such a good portrayal of a narcissistic, controlling, egomaniac that you can’t help but root for his downfall. He works as the perfect shared source of discord for the pair as they work through their relationship.

The book features plenty of spice for those so inclined but also holds a sweet and heart-warming tale of a budding relationship amongst the stresses and complication of college and young adult life.

For fans of Enemies to lovers, Unmissable Close Proximity and Found Family tropes.