Staff Review: Stone Blind

Stone Blind
By Natalia Haynes
Review by Sophie

Most of us may know the story of Medusa the monster, but do you know the story of Medusa the woman? Told to us through the female voices of the Greek mythological world – both directly and indirectly linked to Medusa – we are thrown into a complex narrative full of political intrigue, resentment, pride, and innocence as we ponder the question: what really makes a monster?

Natalie Haynes ensures Medusa remains at the centre of this web, as a character that can only watch as her fate is decided for her. It is a sad and brutal story, yet Haynes strikes a fitting balance between social commentary and fable where the cast of characters demand the reader to consider the moral dimensions of this ancient tale.

If you are looking for an intimate telling of Medusa’s story, this may not be the fit for you. But if you are a fan of Greek myth, keen to find out more or looking for a compelling read then I think you should give this one a go!