Staff Review: Eddy, Eddy

Eddy, Eddy
by Kate De Goldi
Review by Jack

Adrift in a post-quake Christchurch, 19-year-old Eddy is searching for a purpose: pet minding and a job at the local New World are just some of his attempts to make a life for himself. Despite Eddy’s harbourless wanderings, pockets of intimacy bring great warmth to his story: a needy kid, a swearing Cockatoo, an astute nun, and his enigmatic love interest.
De Goldi’s writing is rich and atmospheric; her characters eccentric and endearing. As you fall deeper into Eddy’s story, you’ll find yourself enraptured by uniquely Cantabrian memories.
This is a wonderfully immersive read – I felt like a character in Eddy’s world, in on all of his jokes, his found family’s quirks. It’s a beautifully empathetic homage to the post-quake generation of teenagers trying to find themselves amongst the rubble.