Write Away! Poetry: A Guided Poetry Journal with over 101 Writing Exercises

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Begin your epic poetry adventure today with engaging writing prompts that will have you turning out verse in no time.

No doubt you’ve fallen in love with a poem at some point in your life. Whether it was a nursery rhyme from childhood or something you read in a high school English class, something about poetry’s form has captured your attention. And now you’d like to try writing a poem yourself. But where do you start?

From the moment you put pen to paper, you’re a poet! And like other poets, your goal is to express yourself in a way that’s different from how you would write a short story or letter. But it’s easy to let your inner critic take over and silence your creative voice before you even begin.

That’s where the Write Away! Poetry journal comes in. The 101+ writing prompts and exercises will help you find inspiration, try new approaches to writing, and learn to play with language. They’ll encourage you to think creatively and look at your world (and yourself) in a new way. Use these prompts to get your creative juices flowing and shut down that inner critic. Remember, this is your journal-there is no right way to follow these prompts. Do them in order or jump around; do one a day or several in a row.

Featuring a layflat binding for easy writing and a compact size perfect for writing on the go, Write Away! Poetry includes prompts like:
Write a poem about lost or forgotten things.
Write an acrostic poem-a poem in which the first letter of each line spells out a word-to your parent or grandparent, using their first name.
Write a poem about your favorite season.
Write a poem that plays around with onomatopoeia (a word that sounds like its meaning, such as \”sizzle\”).
Write a poem to your 13-year-old self with advice for living a good life (or avoiding heartache).
Write a poem using couplets, which are two-line stanzas.
Write a poem that describes how it sounds when snow, leaves, or rain falls.
Write a poem that is not about food or cooking but written in the form of a recipe.

Once you’ve gone through the book, challenge yourself by going back and writing fresh material in response to the prompts to see how your writing has evolved. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the start of a brand-new poem to fall in love with.

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Publication date: 12/10/2023
Series: Guided Workbooks

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