Wildcrafted Fermentation: Exploring, Transforming, and Preserving the Wild Flavors of Your Local Terroir

Baudar, Pascal


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Pascal Baudar is a culinary visionary…I am in awe of this book. Get ready to be inspired. Sandor Ellix Katz, author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Art of Fermentation

The perfect DIY guide to make your own fermented hot sauce, wild green pesto, plant-based cheese and so much more!

Professional forager Pascal Baudar expanded the wild food frontier with his path breaking works, The New Wildcrafted Cuisine and The Wildcrafting Brewer. Now the acclaimed \”culinary alchemist\” combines his curiosity, research and in-depth understanding of terroir to put forth recipes that explore root-to-stem fermentation of wild ingredients in his latest book on foraging.

In Wildcrafted Fermentation, Pascal Baudar describes in detail how to create rich, flavourful foods at home from the wild and cultivated plants in your local area or garden. Baudar includes more than 100 easy-to-follow, plant-based, vegan-friendly recipes:

Fennel sauerkraut
Wild food kimchi
A section on fermenting mushrooms
Fermented leaf chips
Fermented wild greens pesto
Fermented hot sauce
Dehydrated spice blends
Plant-based cheeses and so much more!
The recipes are accompanied by step-by-step photos illustrating foraging, preparation and fermentation techniques for both wild and cultivated plants.

For foodies, foragers, fermentation enthusiasts and adventurous home cooks alike, Wildcrafted Fermentation is an indispensable field-to-kitchen guide to crafting cuisine unique to you and your environment.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Imprint: Chelsea Green US
Publication date: 16/04/2020
Author: Baudar, Pascal
ISBN: 9781603588515

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