Whales and Dolphins of Aotearoa New Zealand

Todd, Barbara


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For centuries whales have captured our imaginations and ignited our emotions. We have revered and mythologised them, hunted them to the brink of extinction and passionately protected them. But how much do we really know about whales? This all-new book draws on the hugely popular, internationally touring Te Papa exhibition Whales: Tohora (a.k.a. Whales: Giants of the Deep). From the first richly illustrated, entertaining chapter, readers are immersed in the salty sea to explore whales’ amazing diveristy, biology and adaption to life in the oceans. Throughout the book, literally hundreds of breath-taking photographs, historical pictures, astonishing facts and figures and informative illustrations and diagrams bring the whale world to life. Here, too, are stories from people whose lives have been inextricably linked with whales – from legendary South Pacific whale riders to international whale scientists to conservationists to former whalers and their families. Whales | Tohora uses a powerful combination of storytelling, science, and culture to reveal the fascinating world of whales and their relationships with humans, now and into the future.

Review: The most beautiful book that has come across my desk in years’ Graham Beattie’s review on Jim Mora, Radio New Zealand

Format: Paperback
Pages: 304
Imprint: Te Papa
Publication date: 07/03/2014