Two Years on a Bike: From Vancouver to Patagonia

Doolaard, Martijn


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Could you live permanently on the road? When all your belongings fit in a few bags, your office is a roadside diner, and your home is a meandering route from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina? In Two Years on a Bike, Martijn Doolaard puts it to the test. Strapping the necessities onto his bicycle, he ventures into desolate wastelands and sojourns in vast cities, exploring what it means to be at home in the world while embracing a life of minimalism and long-term travel. Along the winding roads of California’s coasts, the impenetrable jungles of Mexico, the ever-higher passes of the Andes Mountains, and the severe alpine forests of Patagonia, Doolaard eschews comfort and convention for the sake of documenting life on one of the world’s most breathtaking–and notorious–routes.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 420
Imprint: Gestalten Verlag
Publication date: 04/11/2021
Illustrator: Doolaard, Martijn