Ten Poems about Dogs

Murray, Jenni (ed)


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Ten Poems about Dogs pays tribute to man’s and woman’s best friend. Introduced by much-loved broadcaster and author Dame Jenni Murray, the poems reveal the great affection people feel for their dogs (and dogs for their owners). In amongst alternately poignant and hilarious accounts of dog-ownership, are some slightly unsociable aspects, like the neighbours’ dog in Billy Collins’ poem, which barks loud and long every time they go out… Whether you are a dog-lover or need a peace-offering for your neighbours these poems make a wonderful introduction to the canine world as documented over the centuries in poetry. As Dame Jenni Murray says in her Introduction, \”It’s such a relief to find wonderful poems like these and realise you’re not alone in your canine passion.\” \”Who’s this alone with stone and sky? It’s only my old dog and I It’s only him; it’s only me; Alone with stone and grass and tree.\” – from ‘Man and Dog’ by Siegfried Sassoon Poems by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lord Byron, Billy Collins, Susan Hamlyn, Ogden Nash, Linda Pastan, Andrew Barton (Banjo) Paterson, Siegfried Sassoon, Stevie Smith and Paul Yandle. Illustrated by Beth Krommes. Supplied with envelope and bookmark.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 16
Imprint: Candlestick Press UK
Publication date: 30/06/2011

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