Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2

Heazlewood, Sue


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‘Tails of Tangleby Gardens 2’ is the second book in the series which brings together visually stunning combination of photography and illustrations. The story follows on from Tails 1 with the adventures of woodland animals, aim at young readers and a recipe book for young cooks. Each chapter presents a new challenge to be dealt with for the creatures, and included in each chapter are recipes that children can learn to cook. The recipes are in three stages of ability highlighted by one tomato very easy, two tomato’s easy and three tomato’s some skill required. There are colour illustrations on every page, the work of Jane Smith, an artist and designer, who has succeeded brilliantly in creating the various animals, dressing them appropriately and fitting them together in scale.

Format: Hardback
Publication date: 01/01/2022
Illustrator: Smith, Jane

ISBN: 9780473680961 Category: