Stylish Succulents: Japanese Inspired Container Gardens for Small Spaces

Tokiiro (Kondo, Yoshinobu/ Tomomi)


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Author: Tokiiro (Kondo, Yoshinobu/ Tomomi)
Publication date: 01/07/2018
Imprint: Tuttle US
Pages: 96
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780804850957

Colorful and hardy succulents meet the simple principles of Japanese Bonsai and Ikebana in this unique guide to container gardening. Inexpensive projects presented along with the spare aesthetic of Japanese design will appeal to everyone from interior designers to small space enthusiasts to gardeners. Stylish Succulents approaches container gardens as an art form ranging from low-key to lush. Trendy and low-maintenance succulents come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures as do containers making each project one-of-a-kind. Projects are carefully explained and include step-by-step photo instructions. Learn how to: Choose colors, shapes, and textures to fit your personal space Utilize wall spaces with simple planters and dramatic hanging gardens Make a succulent wreath Create thoughtful and inexpensive gifts Every level of gardener can create these miniature works of gardening art using containers and plants of their choosing. The possibilities are truly endless!

Review: \”The floral arrangements presented in the alluring guide to growing succulents in small containers are both idiosyncratic and striking…The sophisticated designs draw on a variety of textures-such as the long, dangly string of pearl plant; leafy little missy; and spikes of the silver pet plant, particularly for the hanging plants. These distinctive plantings are not for novices, but they will beckon to those who find ikebana and bonsai appealing, and to the cactus-loving crowd.\” -Publishers Weekly \”I’m delighted with both the beautifully photographed designs and instructions! From hanging containers to tabletop displays and wall gardens, this book is filled with fantastic projects and ideas. This is the perfect way to introduce a little artistry and horticulture into idle, summer vacation days.\” -The Gardener’s Eden \”Beautifully illustrated throughout, Stylish Succulents carefully explains every showcased design by using detailed step-by-step photos.\” -Midwest Book Review \”Gardeners will find simple to challenging projects designed with a Japanese aesthetic in this artistically presented work\” -Library Journal \”Concepts are explained, easy-to-follow directions guide the novice gardener. Gardening with Stylish Succulents, you’ll find that your quondam black thumb is greener than you thought.\” -Bellewood Gardens blog \”…I adore succulents so I was stoked to add this to my pile of gardening books…it describes each step of making some of the most beautiful succulent arrangements I have ever seen. It even shows you how to make a succulent wreath! So freaking cool!!!\” -Desire To Inspire blog \”Thoroughly ‘user friendly’ in organization and presentation, Stylish Succulents is very highly recommended, especially for community library DYI Gardening instructional reference collections.\” -Midwest Book Review \”The colours, shapes and textures of succulents are fascinating, as is their ability to evolve and adapt to their surroundings. This book combines detailed, visually pleasing photographs, along with practical ideas, tips and step-by-step instructions for simple and beautiful ways to create succulent compositions and decorative displays.\” -ABC Gardening Australia Magazine

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