Soil to Table: The Land Gardeners

Elworthy, Bridget/ Courtauld, Henrietta



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29 in stock

Bridget Elworthy and Henrietta Courtauld established The Land Gardeners to research soil and plant health through growing, cutting and designing. They are globally renowned for their Constance Spry inspired arrangements of loose, blousy homegrown flowers and stunning organic gardens all founded on healthy soil.

In Soil to Table, Elworthy and Courtauld explore the many ways that gentle, honest food can bring people together. As climate warriors, they have extended their research on soils and compost to farmers and growers offering a regenerative solutions for soil health. They are passionate about healing the soil to enable it to sequester carbon as a solution for climate change and to grow healthy, nutrient-dense food. This book is a natural progression of their expertise, connecting recipes for healthy soils and food.

The Land Gardeners share their love of soil with information on how make your own compost cake, how to prepare your garden beds in spring, testing methods to determine the quality of your soil, and finding the right composting method and ingredients for your garden. Discover how eating food grown in healthy soil can infuse classic and inspiring recipes, from breakfast to Sunday night supper, to desserts, staple sauces and stocks.

With recipes from chef Lulu Cox and paintings by Nancy Cadogan, Soil to Table: Recipes for Healthy Soil and Food is a celebration of the garden and all it can produce.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 256
Imprint: Thames and Hudson (Australia) Pty L
Publication date: 29/08/2023