Simply Climate Change


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Author: DK
Publication date: 04/11/2021
Imprint: DK
Pages: 160
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780241516072
Series: DK Simply

The clearest, simplest guide to climate change ever published

Exploring the science behind climate change has never been easier

Combining bold graphics with easy-to-understand text, Simply Climate Change is an essential introduction to the subject for those who are short of time but hungry for knowledge.

The book explains the science that underpins the study of climate change and clearly outlines the pressures humans are putting on the planet.

Assuming no previous knowledge of environmental science and climate studies, Simply Climate Change explains the science of one of the most important challenges ever faced by human life on this planet. It is a perfect beginner's guide to understanding how and why climate change is occurring, and looks at possible solutions in policy and technology. Covering the key ideas from the basics of greenhouse gases to microplastics, it is divided into pared-back, single- or double-page entries that explain concepts simply and visually.

Whether you are studying science at school or college, or simply want a jargon-free overview of the subject, Simply Climate Change is the essential guide for everything you need to understand the basics quickly and easily.

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