Shining Land: Looking for Robin Hyde (v2 Korero)

Morris, Paula



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Shining Land: Looking for Robin Hyde brings together award-winning novelist Paula Morris and distinguished photographer Haru Sameshima. It is the second in the korero series of picture books edited by Lloyd Jones, written and made for grown-ups, and designed to showcase leading New Zealand writers and artists working together in a collaborative and dynamic way. In Shining Land Morris and Sameshima focus on the New Zealand journalist, poet, fiction writer and war correspondent Robin Hyde, exploring three locations important to her difficult life and ground-breaking work. This beautifully considered small book richly rewards the reader and stretches the notion of what the book can do.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 96
Imprint: Massey University Press
Publication date: 12/11/2020
Illustrator: Sameshima, Haru
Series: Korero

Staff review

Shining Land: Looking for Robin Hyde
by Paula Morris and Haru Sameshima
Review by Bel

This genre-bending Kōrero series from Massey University Press is pioneering new territory in publishing! This second volume is a collaboration between renowned NZ author Paula Morris and photographer Haru Sameshima. It documents the journey they take around Aotearoa in search of the intriguingly illusive trailblazer Robin Hyde (Iris Wilkinson) – NZ poet, journalist and novelist. The combination of Morris’ spare, poetic prose and Sameshima’s haunting, evocative photography creates a rich, moody marriage of past and present. I got absolutely lost in it and loved it.