Sheep’s Clothing

Dale, Celia


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3 in stock

Grace Bradby meets Janice in Holloway Prison. Grace is doing six months for larceny and Janice, three for the most recent of a series of clumsy shopliftings. Once both women are released, themore hapless Janice very quickly becomes accomplice to a scheme conniving Grace devised during her last weeks in prison: posing as representatives of the Social Services Agency, the two women begin visiting elderly people, falsely promising increased pensions.

The scheme proves watertight, and the women frequent betting shops, libraries, Bingo halls,supermarkets, jumble sales, the Post Office (on pension days) and park benches (in fine weather),as they mark out their next target.

But it’s not long before one victim, Miss Frimwell, is found dead of an over-dose, launching adetective investigation. What ensues is a sinister tale of greed and misplaced trust, furthercomplicated by a romantic entanglement gone awry. Dale masterfully dissects the little cruelties oflife as her characters roam the streets of London, forcing us to consider the question: whatharm can it do to have a chat and a cup of tea?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
Imprint: Daunt Books
Publication date: 16/01/2024

ISBN: 9781914198601 Category: