Secret Science Behind Miracles

Long, Max Freedom


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1 in stock

Author: Long, Max Freedom
Publication date: 20/03/2013
Imprint: Small US Publisher
Pages: 300
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781483912783

This report deals with the discovery of an ancient and secret system of workable magic, which, if we can learn to use it as did the native magicians of Polynesia and North Africa, bids fair to change the world, provided the atom bomb does not make all further changes impossible. Union is strength, prosperity and safety. The High Beings ruling the ants and bees demonstrate this. Rugged individualism and disunion, as demonstrated by preying animals who eat other animals, and are in constant danger of being eaten, represent the stage of growth in which the hard lessons of life under Free Will must be learned. Following that stage comes the one which we have been missing so long; the stage in which the man returns to united and cooperative effort, still possessing his free will, but using it in the right relation to his fellows and their free will. And, above all, in the right relation to the High Selves from whence come both help and guidance. Cover photography by Paul Spremulli.

ISBN: 9781483912783