Russian Fairy Tales

Avery, Gillian


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The famous stage-designer Ivan Bilibin was a self-taught artist who was lucky enough to be offered the commission of a lifetime at the very start of his career. In 1899 the Department for the Production of State Documents asked this young Russian artist to illustrate a series of fairy tales, a task that took him four years to complete and inspired his finest work, reflecting his deep love for his country and his passionate interest in its national dress and wooden architecture. This, with ten other traditional tales, make up the collection for which all Bilibin’s original artwork has been faithfully reproduced. Gillian Avery has provided a retelling of the texts which admirably complements Bilibin’s distinctive illustration, itself rooted in the stylized forms of Russian folk and medieval art.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 184
Imprint: Everyman’s Library Children’s Class
Publication date: 12/10/1995
Series: Everyman’s Library CHILDREN’S CLASSICS

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