Runner’s Code: The Unwritten Rules of Everyday Running

Newkey-Burden, Chas


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Author: Newkey-Burden, Chas
Publication date: 14/10/2021
Imprint: Bloomsbury Sport
Pages: 208
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781472989598

This light-hearted yet informative gift book explores the unwritten rules of everyday running. It is essential reading for anyone who marvels at marathons, sprints round the track, or simply plods round the park.

Written by the author of Running: Cheaper Than Therapy, it takes the newbie and initiated alike through all the secret, nuanced and blindingly obvious rules of running.

It helps you deliver your best performance (coping with running in different weather), advice on clothing (how many miles can a pair of trainers last, and is it every appropriate to run in a mankini?) and pavement etiquette (overtaking dawdling pedestrians on a busy street).

The book isn’t afraid to confront thorny issues such as a runner’s domestic responsibilities (not leaving smelly kit in the bathroom), becoming an ethical runner (do you really need all those 5km-race participation medals?), and how avoid being a running bore (Heaven forbid!).

What should you do if you get caught short on a run? What’s the correct etiquette when it comes to acknowledging other runners? And how many times can you ask colleagues for marathon sponsorship? Daily Telegraph journalist and self-confessed running nut Chas Newkey-Burden reveals all.

A series of ‘what if’ scenarios will guide runners on how to respond to difficult situations such as a dog speeding towards them or someone shouting at them from a passing car. The book will also feature guest contributions from celebrities and well-known runners including BBC presenter Nicky Campbell and running authors including Helen Croydon, Anna McNuff and Leanne Davis.

The Runners’ Code will help any reader to run better and more responsibly, as well as bringing a smile to their face.

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