Poo Poo Happens: A book about resilience (My Emotions Series)

Moroney, Trace


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Poo Poo (a.k.a. bad stuff) happens and sometimes things go wrong. But one thing is for sure … poo poo happens to us all!
Emotional resilience is how we cope with things that happen to us, and our capacity to bounce back – again and again – after every challenge. Being resilient is not something we are born with, but that we learn each time we manage a problem in a healthy and positive way.
This book describes what it means to be resilient and shares well-researched techniques to help children build resilience … preparing them to face future poo poo events with greater confidence.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 36
Imprint: EQ Publications Ltd
Publication date: 20/06/2022
Illustrator: Moroney, Trace
Series: My Emotions Series

ISBN: 9780473603441