Polymer Clay Jewelry Kit: Everything You Need to Make Your Own Jewelry

Skidmore, Rachael


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From Rachael Skidmore of Made by Maeberry comes Polymer Clay Jewelry, a fresh instructional kit that teaches you how to make your own contemporary earrings in a variety of styles. This kit includes a 48-page project book, 8 colors of polymer clay, an acrylic roller, jewelry findings, and shape cutters. With these 8 step-by-step projects and the clay, jewelry findings, and other items in the kit, you can make colorful abstract earrings, faux turquoise, rainbows, beads, statement earrings, and so much more. Also learn how to cure and bake clay, mix colors, choose a color palette, and apply earring-making techniques to other jewelry items. The 8 earring projects in the project book feature colorful abstract, faux turquoise, layered slab, checkered -print, shaved terrazzo, rainbow flowers, cloudy rainbows, and shell earrings. There is also a helpful baking guide detailing the sandwich and tent methods and tips for cleaning and care of your earrings.

Format: Kit
Pages: 48
Imprint: Chartwell Books US
Publication date: 07/09/2023

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