Pets and Their People: The Ultimate Guide to Caring For Animals

French, Jess


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Learn everything there is to know about pets of all kinds, and the many different ways to take care of them to give them the happiest life possible

This heartwarming guide to the many different types of pet will help kids choose the pet that would choose them!

With author and vet Dr Jess French, delve deeper into the world of pets than you ever have before! You’ll learn lots about the different animals that we might think of as pets, including their history, behaviour, and body language. Importantly, you will discover practical things to do with pets, such as how to treat them kindly, look after their everyday needs, and give them the best life possible. The best thing is, you don’t even need a pet to enjoy them! This book provides inspiration for kids who can’t own pets, showing them that we can care for animals in lots of other ways, too – from volunteering at animal shelters to leaving food for them out in the wild.

From old favourites such as playful puppies and cuddly cats, to more unusual pets such as lizards and snakes, to bugs and hedgehogs in parks and gardens, there are many fascinating animals to meet. Have you ever wondered why cats meow at us but not at each other? When will a dog wag its tail at you? What should you feed a pet snake? And how can you provide a happy home for animals in the wild? Find out all these things and much, much more as you turn the fact-filled pages of this book.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 72
Imprint: DK Children
Publication date: 06/04/2023

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