Parachute Kids

Tang, Betty C.


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A dream trip to America turns into a nightmare! Feng-Li can’t wait to discover America with her family! But after an action-packed vacation, her parents deliver shocking news: They are returning to Taiwan and leaving Feng-Li and her older siblings in California on their own. Suddenly, the three kids must fend for themselves in a strange new world-and get along. Starting a new school, learning a new language, and trying to make new friends while managing a household is hard enough, but Bro and Sis’s constant bickering makes everything worse. Thankfully, there are some hilarious moments to balance the stress and loneliness. But as tensions escalate-and all three kids get tangled in a web of bad choices-can Feng-Li keep her family together?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Imprint: Scholastic US
Publication date: 13/04/2023

ISBN: 9781338832686 Category: