Panic Button Book for Kids: Follow the arrows from anxiety to calm; a guide to navigating big feelings for kids and carers

Kirkness, Tammi


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2 in stock

‘A wonderful way to teach kids about anxiety and how to manage it.’ Jo Lamble, Clinical Psychologist

‘A book that’s compassionate, gentle, reassuring, pointing the way forward through the very real fears and uncertainties children face.’ Maggie Hamilton, Author of What’s Happening to Our Girls? and What’s Happening to Our Boys?

All kids go through tricky times. Bright kids can struggle to switch off their mind, creative kids often heap pressure on themselves, and sensitive kids may be easily overwhelmed. When our kids worry, it’s as though they give away some of their happiness.

Does a child in your life need help tackling anxiety and other big feelings?

The Panic Button Book is a mental-health first-aid kit in book form. It’s an interactive, step-by-step guide for children aged 7-11 and their caregivers, written in everyday language and beautifully illustrated. This book is designed for grown-ups to read with their child, and is full of helpful ideas to kick anxiety to the curb and create a common language between the generations.

Through a series of colourful ‘decision trees’ which draw on evidence-based techniques, you can help your child work through their feelings to bring a sense of calm and relief from worry.

Life coach Tammi Kirkness has distilled the best tried-and-tested techniques from her own experience (she was a bit of a worrier, too) and those used with her many clients and students to create this indispensable ‘first-aid kit’ for families everywhere.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Imprint: Murdoch Aust
Publication date: 21/07/2023