Oracle of Heaven and Hell: Harness the power of the angels and demons

McHenry, Travis


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Angels vs demons, demons vs angels: there can be no light without darkness and no darkness without light.

This unique oracle of 72 cards combines both infernal and divine powers, with each card containing the image of one goetic demon and the Kabbalistic angel that rules over that demon. In addition to the drawings of the spirits, their summoning sigils are shown behind them. For ease of reading the astrological meaning of each spirit is printed on the card. Oracle of Heaven and Hell can function much like any standard tarot or oracle deck, however, each card provides both a positive and a negative meaning. These should not be seen as either good or bad but rather as two sides of the same coin or, to borrow from Eastern symbology, as the concept of yin and yang or two parts that comprise a whole.

Format: Tarot or Spiritual Cards
Pages: 168
Imprint: Rockpool Aust
Publication date: 03/04/2024
Series: Rockpool Oracles

ISBN: 9781922785336 Category: