Opposite of Success

Thomas, Eleanor Elliott


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All Lorrie wants is to get promoted, accept her body and end global warming. By Friday. Is that really too much to ask?

Council employee Lorrie Hope has a great partner, two adorable kids and absolutely no idea what to do with her life. This Friday, she’s hoping for change: it’s launch day for her big work project, and she’s applied for a promotion she’s not entirely sure she wants. Meanwhile, her best friend, Alex, is stuck in a mess involving Lorrie’s rakish ex, Ruben-or, more accurately, his wife. Oh, and Ruben’s boss happens to be the mining magnate Sebastian Glup, who is sponsoring Lorrie’s project…

As the day spirals from bad to worse to frankly unhinged, Lorrie and Alex must reconsider what they can expect from life, love and middle management. The Opposite of Success is a riotously funny debut novel about work, motherhood, friendship-and the meaning of failure itself.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 272
Imprint: Text Aust
Publication date: 03/10/2023

Staff review

The Opposite of Success

By Eleanor Elliott Thomas

Review by Bel

Read this delightful debut if you need a good laugh! It’s a fast but deceptively clever, subversive, well-crafted read. Thomas’s observations of womanhood, ambition, late-stage capitalism and the pursuit of happiness are surprisingly touching for such comedic writing. Lorrie is a quirky, smart, lovable hot mess, who makes us feel like champions at life because she always behaves a bit worse than we would, and yet we cheer her on! I was thoroughly entertained and am giving it to all my friends.

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