Bongiovanni, Archie


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Archie Bongiovanni, the comics artist behind the hit A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns, explores queerness in this shockingly frank and funny adult graphic novel.
Best friends Chris, Jo, Elise, and Alex work hard to keep themselves afloat. Their regular brunches hold them together even as the rest of their lives threaten to fall completely apart. In an effort to avoid being the oldest gays at the party (like they are at every other queer event in Minneapolis), the crew decides to put on a new party called Grind!, a queer gathering specifically for folks in or over their dirty-thirties. Each character is at a crossroads: Chris is experiencing not only the loss of their queer community after a messy divorce, but the struggles of being a single parent. Jo has to choose between assimilating into a financially stable job or letting her freak flag (and nipples) fly. Elise is caught between feelings for her boss and the career of her dreams. And Alex is guarding a secret that might change his friendships forever. All the while the group must navigate homophobic PTA meetings, exes at work, physical and mental exhaustion, and drinking way, way too much on weekdays. These queer friends struggle to decompartmentalize their lives so they can truly nurture themselves and each other. Together they learn that chosen family doesn’t only mean the friends you’ve known the longest and that sometimes growing up also means growing apart.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 272
Imprint: Abrams ComicArts
Publication date: 16/03/2023
Illustrator: Bongiovanni, Archie

ISBN: 9781419752438 Category: