Maurice and Maralyn: A Whale, a Shipwreck, a Love Story

Elmhirst, Sophie


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19 in stock

An extraordinary true tale of love, shipwreck and survival, beautifully told — Maurice and Maralyn’s escape from 1970s England and its oil crisis, strikes and inflation is also a story for our times

**A Guardian, Observer & Waterstones Nonfiction Book of 2024**

‘One of those very special books that makes you put everything on hold so you can get back to it’ RACHEL JOYCE

What begins as an eccentric English love story turns into one of the most dramatic adventures ever recorded…

Maurice and Maralyn couldn’t be more different. He is as cautious and awkward as she is charismatic and forceful. It seems an unlikely romance, but it works.

Bored of 1970s suburban life, Maralyn has an idea- sell the house, build a boat, leave England — and its oil crisis, industrial strikes and inflation — forever. It is hard work, turning dreams into reality, but finally they set sail for New Zealand. Then, halfway there, their beloved boat is struck by a whale and the pair are cast adrift in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

On their tiny raft, their love is put to the test. When Maurice begins to withdraw into himself, it falls upon Maralyn to keep them both alive. Filled with danger, spirit, and tenderness, this is a book about human connection and the human condition; about how we survive — not just at sea, but in life.

‘Extraordinary . . . Elmhirst is a terrific writer’ ELIZABETH DAY

‘A riveting tale of survival . . . and of the power of love when all appears lost’

‘A mind-blowing story of resilience and love in the face of adversity’

‘The very best kind of true story, and beautifully written’

‘I couldn’t put this book down’

‘I was absolutely hooked from the outset’

Format: Hardback
Pages: 272
Imprint: Chatto & Windus UK
Publication date: 29/03/2024