Sterling, Zachary


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4 in stock

Can two kids save the world and work their family food truck? First-generation Filipino siblings JJ and Althea struggle to belong at school. JJ wants to fit in with the crowd, while Althea wants to be accepted as she is. But that hope seems like a long shot, for both of them. To make matters worse, they have to help their parents run the family food truck by dressing up as a dancing pig and passing out samples. Ugh! And their mum is always pointing out lessons from Filipino folklore — annoying tales they’ve heard again and again. But when witches, ogres and other creatures from those same stories threaten their family, JJ and Althea realise that the folklore may be more real than they’d suspected. Can they embrace who they really are and save their family?

Format: Paperback
Pages: 240
Imprint: Scholastic US
Publication date: 17/10/2023