Key to Unlocking your Potential: Life is not a prison

Ashley, Brett


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After spending many years in the corporate world, during which time he became aware of how easy it is to become trapped in an unsatisfying workplace, Brett Ashley is clear that the most important lesson he learned involved creating an environment in which everyone thrived. Although he didn’t always have the support of his employers, he persevered and before long senior management could see that the structures he put in place not only brought increased profits, but also greater job satisfaction for everyone in his team.

‘The Key to Unlocking Your Potential’ takes a refreshing approach to making the most of every day at work, especially for those tasked with getting the best from their team, as well as making fascinating and valuable reading for anyone who feels ‘locked’ into their job.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 216
Imprint: Mary Egan Publishing
Publication date: 29/06/2022

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