Inside Out Human Body (v1 Inside Out)

Columbo, Luann


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Discover the amazing human body, system by system and layer by layer, and the incredible things it is capable of with Human Body (Inside Out).
What do you think is the most amazing machine in the universe? A superconductor? The modern computer? A rocket ship? Think again: It’s the human body! Astonishingly intricate and complex, your body grows, heals itself, and performs a mind-boggling number of complex functions all at the same time.
Inside Out Human Body features a layered 3-D model of the human body that serves as the center point of each section, revealing key body parts and functions, alongside entertaining and informative text that explains how the body works.
Take an incredible journey through:
The powerful muscular system
The \”bone zone\” (aka the skeletal system)
The long and windy road of the digestive system
The blood-pumping circulatory system
The forty-seven-mile long nervous system
And beyond!
Each section is fully illustrated with colorful diagrams and includes fun, interactive lessons for you to try yourself. You can learn how to take your own pulse, how to make your arms float, and even what the color of your urine means.
Sometimes the most incredible wonders are right under our noses.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 16
Imprint: Chartwell Books US
Publication date: 16/02/2023
Series: Inside Out

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