Imagining Decolonisation (BWB Text)

Kiddle, Rebecca et al


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12 in stock

Decolonisation is a term that scares some, and gives hope to others. It is an uncomfortable and bewildering concept for many New Zealanders – yet needed if we are going to build a country that is fair and equal for all who live there. This book sets out the case for decolonisation by illuminating – through anecdotal, real life examples – what decolonisation might look and feel like.

Format: Paperback
Imprint: Bridget Williams NZ
Publication date: 09/03/2020
Series: BWB Texts

Staff review

Imagining Decolonisation
by Rebecca Kiddle et al
Review by Maia

This book is a perfect introduction to all things decolonisation and indigenisation. Outlining the meaning of decolonisation and how urgently we need it to materialise, this collection envisages a collective future for New Zealand Aotearoa. An insight into what co-governance could look like, and how and why it will be actualised. No theoretical waffling – all action and liberation! Read this book and share it with friends!