I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up

Behal, Coonoor


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Author: Behal, Coonoor
Publication date: 28/04/2021
Imprint: New Degree Press US
Pages: 334
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781636769486

I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up will challenge you to rethink quitting and encourage you to re-examine how you make-or don’t make-bold choices in your own life.

Author Coonoor Behal has written a collection of stories about everyday people who summoned the courage to quit things in their lives. Here you’ll find intriguing stories of the jobs, people, aspirations, habits, and identities people decided to leave behind; typically in defiance of family, social, and cultural expectations.

I Quit! encourages the reader to

Be inspired and motivated to make decisive, big life choices
Analyze and reframe their own quitting stories
Appreciate challenging the status quo with irreverent humor

Let I Quit! The Life-Affirming Joy of Giving Up be the motivation you need to upend the status quo and make a positive change for yourself.

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