Hundred Years War: 1337-1453 (Essential Histories)

Curry, Emeritus Professor Anne (University of Sout


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Updated and revised, with full-colour maps and new images throughout, this is a detailed overview of the most long-standing, and the most militarily and politically significant, conflict in western Europe in the later Middle Ages.

There can be no doubt that military conflict between France and England dominated European history in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. This war is of considerable interest both because of its duration and the number of theatres in which it was fought. In this book, Hundred Years’ War expert Professor Anne Curry reveals how the war can reveal much about the changing nature of warfare: the rise of infantry and the demise of the knight; the impact of increased use of gunpowder and the effect of the wars on generations of people around it.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 144
Imprint: Osprey Publishing/Bloomsbury
Publication date: 25/05/2023
Series: Essential Histories

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