How We Used Saint Etienne to Live

Alwakeel, Ramzy


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The essential guide to veteran British indie favourites Saint Etienne – the story of how they made music out of memories, and how we made memories out of them.

Do you remember how we used to live? British indie favourites Saint Etienne do. But they also remember a load of other stuff that never happened, so maybe they aren’t the best people to ask.

Saint Etienne have spent three decades making music out of memories for people who make memories out of music. How We Used Saint Etienne to Live is the story of that reciprocal process, told in the wrong order but the right time. It’s about the methods we use to remember, and what happens when those methods become outdated. It’s a tale that involves tape splicing, town planning, Now compilations and Saint Etienne’s 1995 UK singles chart peak, ‘He’s On The Phone’.

Featuring original interviews with Bob Stanley, Pete Wiggs and Sarah Cracknell, How We Used Saint Etienne To Live shows Saint Etienne’s minds at work as they make and manipulate history and nostalgia. Expect to be shown the receipts. Expect selective recollections and shameless revisionism. Expect concrete facts and flights of fancy. Don’t expect it to be immediately clear which is which.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Imprint: Repeater Books (Watkins), UK
Publication date: 13/12/2022

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