Harry the Hermit Crab

Rae, Danni


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Harry the Hermit Crab has outgrown his shell. But, on his quest to the beach to find a new one, he discovers an unexpected challenge!

Will Harry find his perfect new home?

This delightful picture book is the second book in a series from Wellington zookeeper Danni Rae, the first being \”Kara the Kakapo\” published in 2022. Danni’s story is paired with stunning illustrations from artist Evan Heasman (also known as Soju Shots), which are a visual feast with layers of detail to keep both children and adults enthralled.

Danni wrote Harry the Hermit Crab as a way to share her passion for conservation with the youngest of readers and inspire children to make their own conservation connections. Even the youngest among us can make a difference!

Format: Paperback
Pages: 20
Imprint: Mary Egan Publishing
Publication date: 07/11/2023
Illustrator: Heasman, Evan

ISBN: 9781738596904 Category: