Great Minds Think Unalike: The Benefits of ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia and OCD

Ampe, Peter


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You can’t sit still. You don’t like unannounced visitors. You always triple-check if the lights are out. But you also see details that no-one else notices. You’re always coming up with surprising solutions. You can focus intensely for hours at a stretch. Usually without realising it, many people lie somewhere on the spectrum of a neurodivergent condition. We often tend to focus on the many downsides of neurodivergent conditions such as AD(H)D, ASD, dyslexia and OCD. This book takes a different approach by looking in depth at the special talents that go hand in hand with these conditions. Whether you already have a diagnosis or simply feel you’re somewhere on the neuroatypical spectrum, one thing is certain: once you’ve identified your unique talents, you’ll be able to make more focused choices in your life and work. You’ll discover which jobs best showcase your talents, which colleagues complement your personality, and which environments and corporate cultures are right for you. AUTHORS: Peter Ampe is an internationally acclaimed advertising creative and columnist whose writing credits include the UK-based creativity magazine Little Black Book. He has distinct traits of ASD and ADHD. This book was co-written with Emily Rammant. Emily is a business engineer, business coach and co-founder of the coaching firm YIN United. With her mild form of ADHD and slight traits of OCD, and a hefty dose of emotional intelligence, she supports people and businesses struggling with issues of identity, leadership and corporate culture.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 208
Imprint: Lannoo Holland
Publication date: 10/07/2023

ISBN: 9789401495073