Glucose Goddess Method: Your four-week guide to cutting cravings, getting your energy back, and feeling amazing. With 100+ super easy recipes

Inchauspe, Jessie


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Do you suffer from cravings, chronic fatigue or sugar addiction? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning feeling less than 100%? The majority of the population is stuck on a glucose rollercoaster, and most of us don’t know it.

This book will help you break free.

Jessie Inchauspe is a biochemist, author and founder of the Glucose Goddess movement (over 1.5 million followers on Instagram). With her first book Glucose Revolution, a #1 international bestseller, she started teaching everyone about the importance of blood sugar and easy hacks to manage it.

In The Glucose Goddess Method, Jessie offers a four-week, step-by-step plan to integrate simple, science-proven strategies for steadying your blood sugar into your everyday life. It comes complete with 100+ delicious, easy recipes, an interactive workbook and lots of tips and advice from the Glucose Goddess community on how to stay on track.

This Method has been used by thousands to regulate their glucose and the results are astonishing. You can look forward to reduced cravings, restored energy and feeling amazing. You will create positive new habits for life. The best part? You won’t be counting calories and you’ll eat everything you love.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Imprint: Penguin Life
Publication date: 16/05/2023

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