Glorious Exploits

Lennon, Ferdia


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An exhilarating and fiercely original story of brotherhood, war and art, set in ancient Sicily

So Gelon says to me, ‘Let’s go down and feed the Athenians. The weather’s perfect for feeding Athenians.’

It’s 412 BC, and Athens’ invasion of Sicily has failed catastrophically. Thousands of Athenian soldiers are held captive in the quarries of Syracuse, starving, dejected and hanging on by the slimmest of threads.

Lampo and Gelon are local potters, young men with no work and barely two obols to rub together. With not much to fill their time, they take to visiting the nearby quarry, where they discover prisoners who will, in desperation, recite lines from the plays of Euripides in return for scraps of bread and a scattering of olives.

And so an idea is born- the men will put on Medea in the quarry. A proper performance to be sung of down the ages. Because after all, you can hate the Athenians for invading your territory, but still love their poetry.

But as the performance draws near and the audacity of their enterprise dawns on them, it becomes difficult to distinguish between enemies and friends. And Lampo, whose ambitions have never stretched beyond having enough coin for the next jug of wine, finds his aspirations elevated, his heart entangled and his courage tested in ways he could never have imagined.

Glorious Exploits is an exhilarating and fiercely original story of brotherhood, war and art; and – in the face of the Gods’ apparent indifference – of daring to dream of something bigger than ourselves.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 288
Imprint: Fig Tree Penguin
Publication date: 23/01/2024

Staff review

Glorious Exploits
by Ferida Lennon
Review by Josh

An absolutely rip-roaring tale full of laughter, joy, tragedy, and at its centre, two drunken potters fumbling their way through it all. The world as seen through Lampo and Gelon is full of humour and tragedy and, in an appropriately Greek fashion, the book swirls its way around both with deft precision. Written in a modern, Irish-inspired, conversational style, the book flows beautifully from moment to moment. A story you won't soon forget, full of life and whimsy.

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