Ghost Drum

Price, Susan


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6 in stock

Part of our collection of Young Adult Classics, this stunning Carnegie-winning tale takes us to a world of darkness and ice, where a shaman and a prince fight for their freedom.

In the darkest hour of a freezing Midwinter, a night-walking witch adopts a newborn baby and carries her off in her house on chicken legs. She names her Chingis and teaches her the Three Magics. She grows into such a powerful witch that she rouses the jealousy of Kuzma, the bear-shaman.The Czar of this cold realm fears his newborn son, Safa, will out do him, and so imprisons the baby at the top of a tall tower, to live and die there without ever glimpsing the real world. Loneliness and confinement drive him to rage and despair until Chingis hears the crying of his trapped spirit and frees him.But now their enemies unite against them, with steel and deadly magic. Chingis and Safa’s quest for freedom will take them even through the Ghost World into the Land of the Dead.

A timeless and atmospheric tale of fierce magic.’Richly emotional and lavishly written.’Times Literary Supplement

‘Truly stunning and original.’Kirkus

‘Highly original, multidimensional tale.’Booklist

Format: Paperback
Pages: 176
Imprint: Faber & Faber
Publication date: 04/01/2024