Gay Best Friend

DiDomizio, Nicolas


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Bridesmaids meets The Guncle in this clever LGBTQIA+ romantic story by the author Steven Rowley calls \”unforgettable\”

He’s always been the token gay best friend. Now, stuck between a warring bride and groom hurtling toward their one perfect day, he’s finally ready to focus on something new- himself.

Domenic Marino has become an expert at code-switching between the hypermasculine and ultrafeminine worlds of his two soon-to-be-wed best friends. But this summer-reeling from his own failed engagement and tasked with attending their bachelor and bachelorette parties-he’s anxious over having to play both sides.

The pressure is on. The bride wants Dom to keep things clean. The groom wants Dom to \”let loose\” with the guys. And Dom just wants to get out of this whole mess with his friendships intact.

But once the rowdy groomsmen show up at the beach house-including a surprise visit from the groom’s old frat brother, handsome and charming PGA star Bucky Graham-chaos (and unexpected romance) quickly ensues. By the time Dom returns for the bachelorette party, he’s accumulated a laundry list of secrets that threaten to destroy everything-from the wedding, to Bucky’s career, to the one thing Dom hasn’t been paying nearly enough attention to lately- his own life.

Format: Paperback
Pages: 352
Publication date: 30/05/2023

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