Fox Wife

Choo, Yangsze


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Some people think foxes go around collecting qi, or life force, but nothing could be further than the truth. We are living creatures, just like you, only usually better looking . . .

Manchuria, 1908: A young woman is found frozen in the snow.

Her death is clouded by rumours of foxes, believed to lure people into peril by transforming into beautiful women and men. Bao, a detective with a reputation for sniffing out the truth, is hired to uncover the dead woman’s identity. Since childhood, Bao has been intrigued by the fox gods, yet they’ve remained tantalizingly out of reach. Until, perhaps, now.

Meanwhile, the family of a famous Chinese medicine shop can cure all ailments – except the curse that afflicts them. All their eldest sons die before their twenty-fourth birthdays. Now the only grandson of the family is twenty-three.

When a mysterious woman enters their household, their luck seems to change. But is their new servant a simple young woman from the north, or a fox spirit bent on her own revenge?

New York Times bestselling author Yangsze Choo brilliantly explores a world of mortals and spirits, humans and beasts, and their dazzling intersection. The Fox Wife is a stunning novel about dead bodies found in the snow, a mother seeking revenge, and old folk tales that may very well be true.


‘You won’t be able to put this one down’ Reese Witherspoon

‘Captivating from the very beginning’ 5* Reader Review

‘An exuberant medley of magic, romance and weirdness’ The Times

‘Balancing good writing and strong attention to historical detail, the author has created something that is clever and unique’ The Lady

‘A magically woven tapestry of history, lore, superstition, love, and destiny’ 5* Reader Review

‘An irresistible page turner’ Saga Magazine

”Enthralling and exhilarating’ 5* Reader Review

‘The tale’s various twists and beautifully observed relationships are a pleasure to read’ The Scotsman

‘Simply beautiful’ 5* Reader Review

‘[A] highly imaginative and a spellbinding read’ Woman’s Weekly

‘A superb, multi-layered, intricate read’ 5* Reader Review

Format: Paperback
Pages: 400
Imprint: Quercus UK
Publication date: 13/02/2024

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