DiCamillo, Kate (Author)


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The masterful Kate DiCamillo has outdone herself with a hilarious and achingly real love story about a girl, a ghost, a grandmother and growing up.

It’s the summer before fifth grade, and for Ferris Wilkey, it is a summer of sheer pandemonium. Her little sister, Pinky, has vowed to become an outlaw. Uncle Ted has left Aunt Shirley and, to Ferris’s mother’s chagrin, is holed up in the Wilkey basement to paint a history of the world. And Charisse, Ferris’s grandmother, has started seeing a ghost in the doorway to her room – which seems like an alarming omen given that she is feeling unwell. But the ghost is not there to usher Charisse to the Great Beyond. Rather, she has other plans – wild, impractical, illuminating plans. How can Ferris satisfy a spectre with Pinky terrorizing the town, Uncle Ted sending Ferris to spy on her aunt, and her father battling an invasion of raccoons?

As Charisse likes to say, \”Every good story is a love story,\” and Kate DiCamillo has written one for the ages: emotionally resonant and healing, showing the twice Newbery Medallist at her most playful, universal and profound.

Format: Hardback
Pages: 240
Imprint: Walker Books Australia
Publication date: 03/04/2024

Staff review

Ferris by Kate DeCamillo
Review by Rebecca

I adored this book! A glorious collection of interesting family dynamics, interwoven into the daily life of Ferris, her best friend Billy Jackson and the antics of little sister Pinky’s highjinks! Plus there’s a dog and raccoons in the attic and maybe a ghost! Fabulous!

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